Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baby Braden

Our precious Braden is growing up so fast!!! To me it seems he is growing up much faster than Kannon. We found a Pedi Doctor who is an Aggie, so I know my boys are in great hands. At his 6 mo appointment we found out Braden weighs about 18 lb and is 27 1/2 inches long. The nurse looked at me- smiled then asked if my husband was tall!!!! If I were quick on my feet I would have said "no" just to have seen her face. The doctor agreed Braden is moving in the direction of being a "big boy"!

Braden (6Mo);
- Lower bottom tooth has broken through
-sitting in tripod
-has been having oatmeal and squash for supper
-laughs hard
-plays with feet
-loves his thumb and white blanket
-likes to be held by momma a lot!
-smiles all the time!!!
-has officially been knocked in the head by Kannon's truck

We love you Braden!!!


Holly said...

He has grown!! Wow!! I love his happy smile, what a precious boy!! (Of course :))

Heather said...

Oh my gosh my looks so much like Trey! :) I'm so glad you posted pics of him....he's growing like a weed!

Deanna said...

They are growing WAY too fast! We're still working on the tooth here... Maybe someday it'll push through. :) He's a cutie!