Monday, April 16, 2007

Kim and Jason

Today some of our most special friends came by to see us from League City! We had so much fun! Though we have only been gone about two weeks, it is never too soon to have friends come up! It was nice to have the feeling of "not skipping a beat". We started gabbing the second their car pulled into the driveway and we didn't stop until they drove off! My heart felt just as close to them even tough we are now about 5 hours away. It was refreshing! It was fun to show them our new home and talk about some of our recent adventures. I loved seeing their boys and watching our kids interact! I think Rylan and Jacob were in shock when Kannon (3 years) started "playing" with them! The picture of the boys: Braden (6 mo), Kannon (3 years), Jacob and Rylan (8 mo). It really made my week to see them in person! I think they are going to be in this area maybe every 3 months to see family SOOOO I'm hoping we can see them often! There is nothing better then spending time with friends while your kids are crying, throwing balls, rolling, and laughing/screaming in the background!!!

My only regret is feeding them on paper plates!!! Here are some of our most wonderful friends visiting us and I use paper plates!!! What was I thinking (easy, throw away, non- breakable while holding children!) Well, watch out Kim and Jason- Next time it is China!!!! Ok- we had sandwiches! BUT come on... I could have used my new Fiesta dishes!!!!


Heather said...

Oh, how fun!! I'd eat off the floor if I could just come see you! HA

Miss you

Deanna said...

I'm so glad that Kim got to see you!! We sure DO miss you!!!! Love the house...It's SO you!

Holly said...

It was so great to see you and Kim and the boys together...just like old times! I'm so glad ya'll got to visit!