Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Frog from Hobby Lobby

I love living in the country! I love the quiet, the stars, the horses, the gardens, the fresh air, the unlocked doors, the open windows... However, the smell of Hobby Lobby is not too bad either!

Yes, I was a kid in a candy store this moring! While we are at my parent's house I had the chance to swing by HOBBY LOBBY (we don't have one near us since we moved- very sad)! I was so excited I didn't know where to start! I bought stuff for my scrapbooks, garden and home. One of my favorite finds was a Frog for my garden!

I picked it up the second I I saw it! I loved it... THEN Lindsey (my sister) ran over it with the shopping cart (another story)! I went to put the frog up and pick out another one and Lindsey went CRAZY! She explained that you can never put something back you have picked up and loved, just because you found it wasn't perfect! She went on to say that the "frog" was excited to go home with me and I couldn't get another one! SO.... Now I have a cute (not perfect) frog going 51/2 hours home with me just because I picked it up!
I think I may name the Frog, Lucky. Lucky, because he would have been back on that shelf if Lindsey wouldn't have been there!


Heather said...

I love your frog! I think he will love his new home! :) HA!

Hope you are having fun....Hobby Lobby is the place to be!

Holly said...

I love Lindsey's perspective! I'm so glad Lucky has a new home. He'll look great in your garden. Hey, nobody is perfect right? :)

Robyn said...

Hey lace, love the frog... is he smokin'? Looks like he is from the picture, ha, ha! I'm lovin' your blog so much I decided to start one, but mine is more of a journal/scrapbook, since I've got no time to scrapbook events of ours right now.

Lacie said...

No it's not smoking!!!!!! Well, I don't think so(Ha)!