Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy White Easter

We woke up to the fun words -"Momma it's snowing!!" I jumped out of bed and was sooo excited! I grabbed Kannon and ran outside! We were so cold, but we had to get IN the snow! We played in it, tried to eat it, and we took pictures of it!!! Who would have thought it would snow in April! That day we dyed Easter eggs with the fireplace going and drank coffee all day long! I think I had more fun then anyone! My heart was so joyful to here the crackling of the fireplace while watching the pure white snow float around. Happy White Easter !!! (I think our family might have been only one out of a small handful that was actually excited to see snow in April!!!!)

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Holly said...

Who would have thought a White Easter? It sounds like you had the perfect day with snow, a warm fireplace, lots of coffee and your family!