Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Scared

My hair needs some help! It has been a while since I had my hair done, with the move and everything. You know when your hair needs help you just don't feel like yourself! So... I decided to drive up the road to the small town hair salon (YIKES!!) to set an appointment. They had an opening at 1pm! Well, the girl was very young and she asked me if I wanted bleach!!!!! I tried to explain that they have used color on my hair-Not Bleach in the past! She told me to come back at 1pm today and we would talk about it!! Ok- I am really scared! I'm hoping it will be like "steel magnolias". I will give you an update in a couple of hours! YIKES!

I asked Kannon what he wanted for lunch:

Kannon: I want spaghetti

Me: I don't have time to fix spaghetti now, maybe for supper

Kannon : Oh- I have lots of time. Here you can have some of mine! (as he hands me some out of his pocket)

All I could do was smile, take the time (put it in my pocket) and say thank you!

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