Thursday, April 24, 2008

5 hours!

What would I do with 5 hours at the house all alone????
  • I would open all the windows letting the spring smells and breezes in
  • I would crank up Mr. Frank Sinatra
  • I would clean the house as fast and vigorous as my little mop would carry me
  • I would shower (AND shave!)
  • I would fix me a perfect sandwich with all the fix'ns (including CHIPS!)
  • I would light my candles all over the house
  • I would eat my sandwich AND homemade strawberry pie while reading a GREAT book I haven't had the chance to finish yet- "Sarah's Quilt"
  • I would take a deep breath and be thankful for the 5 hours to myself!

Oh..and take 10 seconds to tell someone what a wonderful five hours I had (that's you)-Ha!


Kim said...

So glad you had some peace and quiet! Our house has been a zoo all week! We got up the "new" bathroom that we bought from you guys. I'll get pics up soon... I was being sneaky b/c Jason does not know! But he will the thrilled to come home and see a jungle boys bathroom! Also, if you got any good strawberry recipes, pass them along. We went to pick this wee k and are going back next week. I love those little red berries!!! MISS YOU!

Rochelleht said...

I really should use my free time like that. Sadly, it's usually running errands. That costs money. I shouldn't do it as much. ;-)

Lynn said...

You deserved it. That is what is like to be retired! Now, you know.

i'm kelly said...

sounds like a dream come true. however, i think i'd waste an incredible amount of trying to figure out what to do, and then i'd spend the rest of the time relaxing.

Whitney said...

I'm impressed that one of the things is that you'd clean the house! I'm one of the most anal people you will ever meet, but that is still not one of the things that would be on my list. I would sit around and nap, get caught up on shows that I've DVR'd, read, eat, and eat more. :) Can you say LAZY?

Thanks for the adorable book for Austin- a thank you note will be on the way shortly!