Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Mail Question...

Can you get too much good mail??
(Thanks Sabs for the K-man's birthday loot!)
Answer: NO!!! Just look at the K-man's face!!
(Thanks Smiths for the Daniel and the Lions Den Book and figures
AND for the baseball outfits for Little Bit!

The K-man got over 10 birthday cards in the mail for his B-day and he jumped up and down about each one of them! Thanks for all the love shown to "My" K-man! You want to see a Mother smile? love to her children~Author , Me!
When we got back from our Dino Birthday Weekend this wonderful Dino shirt and card were waiting on our front porch for the K-Man! They are from Willie- Thanks Sneads! you think my K-man likes mail or what?!?
Annelise sent books AND dino stuff!
You would think that we have seen all the Dino stuff there is ...Wrong!

AND Holly sent me the most stylish holder for my Grocery Game Coupons!

A girl has to look good even digging through coupons!! Thanks girl-

Finally, with all of the good mail received it is my turn to share in the fun!! I loaded my goodie boxes and went to our famous country post office and visited Dixie, our personal post master!

A funny note: The other day I felt I had to explain what "Good Mail" was to Dixie. With over a year of me bringing mail with GOOD MAIL plastered all over it and The K-Man eating all her Tootsie Rolls I figured she deserved an explanation. She just smiled and added more Tootsie Rolls to her jar! Thanks Dixie!

Do you ever feel silly hauling in a load of good mail to the post office? Do you know what good mail is? Don't you just love to send good mail as much a receive it??? What do you send your good mail in?


BriteCloud said...

I just sent some good mail today! It should be a surprise to the receivers.

That K-Man is one lucky little boy! I've never seen so much good mail in one spot. Hope he had a happy b-day.

Holly said...

I do the self-postage thing a lot, especially if the line is long. When I do go to the counter though, I like to think that it makes them happy to see mail sent the old-fashioned way. Plus it means their jobs are secure.

Lately I have been saving cereal and frozen waffle boxes to recycle through good mail.

Receiving it IS fun, but honestly I think I get a bigger kick out of sending it, you know?

Mamaof3 said...

I LOVED my pop tart box of good mail, Lacie! Thank you!! I would've never thought of sending it in one of those boxes! GREAT idea!!