Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Good-Bye Mr. Ducky!

Mr. Ducky has been a loyal friend to both the boys...
The K-Man was the first to enjoy Mr. Ducky during bath time. We had to find something to confine the K-Man because he was just too wiggly during his baths...However, surprisinglywhat we found was a true friend...QUACK! QUACK!
Little Bit has also had the chance to bond with Mr. Ducky too. Though Little Bit is not as wild during his baths as his older brother we wanted him to get the full experience of Mr. Ducky...and he has!

However, the day has come to say good-bye! There are some things that make me a bit sentimental about the boys growing up and not having a little baby in the family (not enough for another though!) and Mr. Ducky is one of them! As we deflate him today it will be bitter sweet- the boys are big now and don't need him, BUT I get my tub back...whoo hoo!

Do you have something special that all of your children have used that is a bit sentimental?


Deanna said...

Yep!! We've had several sentimental things come and go and some are still around. Night-night, of course, after 6 yrs is still with us anytime we stay the night somewhere. It is definitely bittersweet when they let go of things...but a sign they're growing and healthy! :) I'm glad they loved "Ducky" so much!!!

Heather said...

AWW!! Bye-Bye Mr. Ducky!! I will always remember seeing him hanging out in the tub! :)

Whatcha been doing? How's Gordon? Miss you.

Love the new page!

Kim said...

I got all tear-y eyed reading about Mr. Ducky and seeing K so little! It seems like yesterday that he was born!!!

Love the new colors and lay-out. A new year, brings a new look.

Your previous post also got me all welled up. In some respects it seems like you left yesterday and then at other times it seems like forever ago. I still think of you everyday and miss you like crazy.

Love you!!!!

BriteCloud said...

What cute ducky!

The thing I was sad to let go of was the rocking chair that I rocked all 3 of them in. Hours and hours of rocking. One day when Nathan, my oldest, was little I totaled up how long we rocked, and it was 8 hours, it just that one day. We loved the rocking chair.