Monday, March 31, 2008

Already a Year???

When I saw this sign go up at our country volunteer fire department, I thought...Already a YEAR??? On the weekend we moved from Houston this was one of the first things that registered in my mind...How nice, the volunteer fire department has a fish fry. The fish fry was the first thing we did within our new little country community.
The other thing that made the realization of being here a year more evident in my mind was planting our second veggie garden, Gordon.
The K-man was thrilled to plant Gordon again! He specifically asked for us to plant cherry tomatoes. Last year he loved to pick them right from the plant and eat them for a snack while playing outside!
I have also noticed a few bluebonnets starting to poke their little heads out- yes, another reminder of the year gone by. As we drove up here to move in with tears in my eyes, I remember thinking, It can't be too bad here...the wild flowers our beautiful in the field outside my kitchen window.

So, How has moving from Houston (with a huge secure group of friends) to a very small community (knowing nobody) changed me and my family?

1. Our lives have slowed down
2. We spend more time outside then inside
3. We plan our meals better- no quick run to the store for a stick of butter or diapers.
4. We rely on each other more then those around us
5. We find joy in the simpler things such as phone call or a letter
6. We value the time with family and close friends when we see them much more
7. I know how to use a fly swatter (horse yucky brings flies-bet you didn't know that!)
8. I actually know how to plant a garden and when is the best time for planting certain things
8. I have become less concerned about EVERYTHING- nobody cares here. I fit right in here with my pink cap and dirty kids-Ha!
9. The K-man is asking for a Paint (that is a kind of horse-)
10. The K-Man wears wrangler jeans or carhartt overalls 75% of the time (my adorable husband-about 98% of the time!)
11. It is a true joy to go shopping in the city, however it is usually a full day event.
12. My relationship with God is different. What I need from him has changed a bit- I couldn't explain it even if I wanted to.

Overall, I don't feel myself feeling as lonely as often. I don't sit around wondering what everyone in H-Town is doing and what I'm missing out on. The K-man doesn't talk about his pretend friends as much and Little Bit doesn't cry when being dropped off at MDO or bible class-all signs we are better and more secure here now. My adorable husband is so in his element. Over the year he is more confident and more social then I have ever seen him-

Hmmm. What does the next year hold for us in our small country town??? Who knows...but I'm sure it will be a Fun Adventure!


Deanna said...

Hard to believe it's been a year! I was thinking about this last week during Brice's birthday. I'm so happy that you all are happy! That's all that matters to me!

Heather said...

I can't believe it has been a year that I watched you drive away! boo-hoo!! I miss you everyday but am glad that you guys are doing great. I can't wait for our next adventure.

Love ya!

Lynn said...

What a lucky town to have had you guys choose them. It's hard to imagine it's been a year though. The boys have grown so much. What a great adventure your life took. We should all be so brave!

Holly said...

I've been thinking these last few days about this time last year and wondering how you were feeling about your Move-i-versary. I can't believe it's been a year either.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts and reflections about the changes.

A. is jealous about K. growing cherry tomatoes RIGHT IN HIS BACKYARD! :)

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