Sunday, April 20, 2008

Strawberry Season!

Saturday we loaded up and visited Fall Creek Farm and picked these juicy red things!!!
The K-Man is a pro at picking veggies and fruit because of his experience helping with the planting and harvesting of TWO gardens (spring and fall of 2007) He is going to be a great gardener getting to start so early!
Oh- back to strawberry picking!
The K-Man whooped and yelled constantly, "Here is another big red one!" His goal was to find "HUGE" ones~and he did!
Little Bit had fun too...However he wanted to taste them to make sure they were really as good as he has heard-Ha! Eat up little man!
No Little Bit! I know it looks good, but we don't need to eat them all now!!
The K-man's sweet hands full of sweet strawberries.
Little Bit's sweet hand holding another sweet strawberry!
We had so much fun picking...
We picked about 8 lbs!!! The K-man started requesting a strawberry pie and telling me just how to make it before we even loaded back in the car! I guess a strawberry pie is in our future...along with Freezer Jam...salads...and other yummy desserts~I mean really, we have EIGHT POUNDS!!!

Do you have any good strawberry recipes???
I did some really neat things with some of these pictures with my photo shop, but blogger wouldn't upload them...any suggestions?


Rochelleht said...

HOW FUN!!! You make such wonderful memories with your kids. I really love that. And strawberries. Reminds me of the Strawberry picking party in 'Emma'. I am not inspired with strawberry recipes, however. Just usually shortcake for me.

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

I've been wanting to do this with my two little ones but didn't realize that the strawberries were ready, already. Glad you posted about this - yours look great - unfortunately i don't have any great recipes. Let us know what you end up doing with them.

Holly said...

Oh my, eight pounds?!? What a fun outing. Love all the pictures--especially B looking at his strawberry. So cute.

Strawberry bread/muffins, strawberries on waffles, strawberry parfait/shortcake.How about ice cream?. I've never made freezer jam, let us know how it goes and maybe the recipe too.

da momma said...

HEY! Do you remember me? I was in the AFC from 96-01ish...Whitney Coker, now Terrell...see my blog...You are so beautiful, what a precious family!

silken said...

what fun!!

when I do my picts on photo shop, I always export them to my photos on my desktop. then I can upload them onto blogger....maybe it would work for you?