Friday, June 15, 2007

"Veggies" of our Labor

We are now seeing the Veggies of our Labor. We are picking Zucchini and Squash every morning! They just keep producing veggies!! We are all going to turn into Squash or Zucchini with all that we are eating!
The K- Man has gotten the hang of what he is looking for when he goes to harvest the veggies in Gordon. He has also finally learned to ask before he just picks them.
K. makes me laugh! He loves the garden as much as we do.
Oh- the joys of having a garden! Everyday you have a new surprise! It has been a fun experience for our family.
We are still watching the Corn grow. I still can't believe we are growing CORN!!!
I love this picture of K. in the garden. It really shows how tall the corn has grown! K. look like a pro!!!
The improved pinto beans have been the the newest adventure. The K-Man and I were up before anyone else so we went outside and picked many of our improved pinto beans. I had to read to find out what to do with them (the best way to eat them). We have learned that you can freeze and cook them just like green beans.
So far we have put away round peas, some zucchini and squash. I still need to put away the improved pinto beans and I think the(Kentucky Wonder Bean) green beans are next. I am also going to fry some fried green tomatoes in the next couple of days...Yummy!
Once our spring garden has done it's work we are thinking about planting a fall garden- We have heard they do even better up here! We are also planning on planting pumpkin seeds in the next couple of weeks! We are looking forward to having our own pumpkin patch in the fall!


Holly said...

Everything looks sooo good! Gordon has just outdone himself hasn't he? Y'alls hard work and determination is paying off in basketfulls.

I love all the pics--especially K. holding the bowl of beans, beside the fast growing corn. (I showed A. and she smiled & giggled.)

Everyone's eating well in Brock huh? If you can figure out a safe way to mail it, we'd lOVE some fresh garden delights down here! :)

Love ya!

silken said...

ooohh, these look so good! I am glad you are having such a wonderful garden. I'm w/ holly, if you could only mail 'em...