Thursday, June 14, 2007

How do you know...

We went to the Parker County Sheriff Posse's Frontier Days Parade yesterday. It was our first small town parade in a very long time! I love small town parades. Million dollar question...How do you know you are at a small town parade?

1. The WHOLE town shuts down to enjoy the parade
2. You can practically back your car up in the street to watch it
3. Everyone knows everyone in the parade
4. You actually talk to the person next to you

5. Instead of cars pulling floats...horses pull wagons

6. BOOTS!- You have to wear boots to be in the parade
7. There is EVERY age group of "Ms. Peach Pudd'in" (baby, preschool, school age, teenage, and don't forget Mrs. Senior Peach Pudd'in).
8. The horses steal the show!

9. The horses are ALL throughout the parade not just at then end

10. Everybody who is anybody rides a horse in the parade

11. Candy is still thrown and you have to run in the street to get it!
12. Tractors replace the Hummers and other "fancy cars" people like to show off in the parade
13. When you wave the participants actually look right at you and wave back... even say Howdy! 14. There are more people in the parade then watching the parade
15. There is only the ONE small town high school band in the parade

16. Did I say that the horses were the main "float"...

17. AND There is NO "pooper scooper" at the end of the parade... animals are free to do whatever they need to do-Ha!

There is just something about the wonderful feeling of watching a small town parade that makes you want to drink lemonade (or sweet tea) and sit on your porch while chatting with you neighbor. How do you know you are at a small town parade?


Holly said...

How fun! I liked your comment that there are more people in the parade, than watching-Ha!

Looks like a fun afternoon, I bet the kiddos loved every minute.

Lynn said...

I totally relate. I thought that was the only kind of parade. Sounds like the 'ville.

Lynn said...

Oh I meant to tell you too that Smithville has one of the most beautiful State Parks anywhere. It connects to Bastrop State Park and it is called Buescher State Park. It is in an area called the Lost Pines. Legend has it that travelers / pioneers whatever dropped pine tree seeds on their way through to East Texas. The park is full of them and the tank is stocked with great fishing. Plus, it's a mile from me and all the antique stores! Look it up. Great campsites for Poppy to check out.

Heather said...

I love small town parades....SO FUN!

We had horses, too...ask Ashley..she rode on one of those suckers one year! HA HA

Miss you