Saturday, June 16, 2007

Let's Go to the Rodeo!

We decided to jump into this small town thing and go to the Parker County Sheriff Posse's Rodeo. Ok- this is totally up my adorable husband's alley! This is one of the many reason's he wants to raise our boys in a small get into this rodeo, showing, riding,...thing. I am in for an adventure!!! While you could say I was raised in a smaller town- I have had little experience with these things called FFA, sheep, steers/heifers, manure...get the picture. Well, while we were all getting ready for the rodeo K. was so excited about wearing his boots. However, he was a bit confused, "Momma's not wearing boots?" My husband tried to explain that, "Momma does not own one pair of boots"-as he laughed. So the question of the night was, Would I ever were boots?... NO! What if they were PINK??? Hmmm...
What do you think? Me in PINK Boots??? What in the world would I wear with them? What would be next- A cowgirl hat?
So after putting on my Capri's it was off to the rodeo. Even though it is a small town rodeo, it was the PRCA Rodeo of the Year in 2004- If you don't know what that means don't worry I don't either, but it is a big deal my husband said! This was also the rodeo's 60th anniversary- now that's impressive!
I don't remember ever being this close to the action!

The K- Man was mesmerized to say the least! He would call out, "Aww Man, he got bucked off!"
We didn't know any of the cowboys riding, but as a mother I can tell you K. or B. WILL NOT BE RIDING A BUCKIN' BULL!!!! (My sweet husband told me to watch what I say!)
After watching the cowboys show off their stuff it was time for the goat scramble. That is where kids 6 years and under run into the arena and line up to chase two poor, sweet, cute goats with ribbons tied to their tails. The object is, out of about 50 kids, to be the one of two to get the ribbon off the goat's tail! My husband casually asked K. is he wanted to try...Yesss! I couldn't believe it! As they were making their way to the rail for K. to be thrown over into the mass of children I kept yelling, "If he doesn't want to do it, don't make him!!!!!" The joke was on me. He jumped over the fence and lined up looking like he had done it a thousand times. As the poor goats were let out K. took off with the rest of the wild tikes. He just laughed and ran his little heart out! When it was all over he said. "I didn't get it dad." to which my husband said, "Next year!"

(K. is the little guy with the Maroon Aggie cap and plaid shirt on!)

This is the K- Man after the run of his life. You'll get'em next year buddy!
When the rodeo was about half over we decided we better get the boys to bed, but not before looking at all the show animals. We actually saw someone we sort-of knew and K. was able to pet a sheep and steer. The animals will never be the same-Ha!
As we walked away from the small town rodeo I can actually say that I had a blast (Even without pink boots!). I know it will not be the last of my adventures with stock shows, rodeos, and manure! We stopped off at DQ to get dipped cones at about 9:45pm just to top off the evening! Gotta Love Small Towns!


silken said...

I am not into rodeos or boots, but it looks like you all had a great time. Love the picts of K. can't believe he ran for the goats! fun stuff!

Heather said...

If you do get some pink boots, I have to have a picture! HA I think you'd look really cute in some boots. And, hey I've seen girls wear boots with capris! HA HA

Looks like yall had fun at the rodeo. I bet K loved chasing those goats! Next year B. will be in there with him and you will be a nervous wreck! hee hee Maybe the Sab's can come next year! :)

Miss you.

Linda said...

You got rid of your "ropers and boots" years ago! Remember.....? So, you wanta try again?

Thanks for all the pictures!!! Almost as good as being there!

Love K-man's face!!! Shall we say ready to pop with excitement?

Deanna said...

So cute! AND fun! I say go for the pink boots! :) You're about the only one I know who could pull them off. "unexpected!"

Lynn said...

This sounds like just like the 'ville. You know we raised a heifer that Ashley "caught" at the calf scramble. Lots of youth rodeos around here and certainly are going to fit right in. K is getting so big. Glad you are all adjusting so well to the culture shock of small towns...but small town living is the life for me.