Monday, August 24, 2009

Kindergarten is the Place to BEE.

This is a story of a little monkey named George who helped his friend get through the first morning of Kindergarten. George and the little boy have been friends for a LONG time. George and the little boy have gone through a lot together...A new brother, a big move to the country, a broken leg (and the casting of the broken leg), and meeting new friends. Though the little boy doesn't need him as much anymore, when the little boys needs a little more security, George is ready to be there for him. This morning I noticed George was again by K-man's side.
Here is a small peek of K-man's first day of Kindergarten.

Today was wonderful! God was with our whole family today.
While I was snapping the pictures outside before we left K-man kept saying, "I'm going to be late for Kindergarten!" He was really so excited. Then tonight after supper K-man expressed to us, " I want to go to Kindergarten the first thing in the morning!" I think by talking all summer about how fun it would be and how proud we were of him really helped prepare him for this day. I also think going to the town MDO where he met many of the kids in his class also made a HUGE difference (a perk to a small town!). BUT, I have to give God all the Glory. Our scripture for the summer was, "I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13. We talked about the scripture often and we applied it to many situations including going to school (I quoted it often out loud for my own benefit). We have really talked to K-man about how God is always with him! I completely felt his presence today. Thank you Father.


Kim said...

Sniff sniff...

I cannot believe your little K is in Kindergarten! He looks so handsome and grown-up. LOVE the verse on the mirror and your haircut! Also, it is so sweet that he gave George a snuggle. K will be a GREAT student! Hang in there momma! :)

Lynn said...

Confidence instilled by Godly parents=priceless.

I had no doubt he would do great. They are just growing up too fast. And Reid? A teenager? YIKES.

Heather said...

I am so proud of little K-man! What a fun first day of kinder...I know he had fun. I love your picture. Especially, the one with you sticking your tongue out. ha ha! BTW, his teeth look great! :)

Miss you so much!

momto4girls said...

Definitely had to be the best looking kid in kindergarten! Have you joined PTA or signed up for room mom yet? (just kiddin')Bet he has a great year!

Jennifer said...

Awww..Great photos, Lacie. Glad to hear he did great! how's Braden doing?

Anonymous said...

of course he was the best looking kid in the class!
And little brother will be on Thursday.
Great's mom doing?


Holly said...

He looks so grown up and very, very excited to go to Kindergarten! Glad to see George offering some security during all this newness--so sweet.

Love all the photos!