Tuesday, August 4, 2009

hello there.

My adorable husband asked the question today in passing, "have you blogged lately?" ... After I screamed and threw something at him (feeling much better)- I agreed with him. There is so much going on in our lives I can hardly breath.

Ok, let me clarify. I like to think of myself as simple person (don't laugh) with a simple life (I work very hard not overbook our family!). I am a home body who ONLY wants to do the minimum, but I somehow always go a bit overboard. AND I tend to get overwhelmed with details and sometimes I have to admit my "freak out" emotion gets the best of me. SO, when I say there is SOOO much going on, it may seem like nothing to others.

Here is what has gone on since the last blog...sorry no pictures. Maybe later, but if I tried to find and down load all the pictures I would like to share, I might just not share anything (the overwhelmed factor!)

* We spent some WONDERFUL time with my adorable husband's family at Beaver Bend, OK.
(Ok, I really need to share some of those pictures!)

* Visited a museum in Idabel, Ok with a huge DINO cast of bones

* We finally had VBS at church (months of planning- whew!)

* My adorable husband is deep into church softball

* A trip to Victoria to spend with my grandparents

* A trip to the Children's Museum and I-Max theater (which Little Bit so did not enjoy!)

* Braden is totally and completely potty trained (ok, that has been around a month ago...but no post or pictures-Bummer!)

* Gone to Londyn's birthday party...my cousin's family has moved about 10 minutes from my house (FUN!)

* I have rearranged the living room, painted and added a piece of furniture in the living room, stained 6 pieces of furniture, gotten the house ready for painters tomorrow- In SHORT...I have been playing home decorator!

* I have tended to sick children...and an adorable husband, cooked at least two meals a day, washed clothes, made beds, cleaned house, played "museum" with the boys (along with other fun imaginary things-oh to be a child), and the daily activities could go on...

SO, there you have it the SHORT version of why I have not had the chance to sit let alone if front of a computer! However, this blogging thing is fun!

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Holly said...

Okay, that is a lot of stuff! Good, good stuff.

Thanks for the update. :)