Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just a Planting..

Our garden, Gordon, has been generous to us this year. We have put canned green beans and squash (plus we have been eating them fresh like crazy), we have frozen some purple hull peas (like black eye peas) and we have tomatoes, sweet potatoes, okra, and cantaloupe that are still filling our fridge. If that was not enough...we decided to have a bit of a pumpkin patch this year. The K-man planted "Mega" pumpkins

-and Little Bit planted "jack-o-lantern" pumpkins.
We have had pretty good luck in the past with pumpkins...I hope they grow huge for the boys sake and excitement!
Hmmm... I think I am getting in the mood for fall-
at least a break from this Texas heat wave!!!

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Rochelleht said...

I'm SO impressed with your garden!! I'm glad you are enduring that crazy heat down there. It's such a pleasure to escape it for a couple of months!