Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spoiled Rotten!

Yep, look what my adorable husband surprised me with last night!!
Ok, I was so lucky to have Diane (my adorable husband's sister) visit last night so she could enlighten me on the basics, but OH MY!!!
There are sooo many "Apps" that you can get on the i*Phone.
Which ones could you just not live without?
Which ones are fun for kids?
Which ones are just neat?!


Lynn said...

Do NOT get WURDLE. You will have to go to rehab.

Let me just say this....I LOVE MY IPHONE.

Holly said...

Did our husbands talk? Scott came home Friday with one for me! With a pink case. And a blue one for himself, of course. They are overwhelming yet soooo cool at the same time.

Have FUN!!

I like Pandora for music, you can create your own radio stations and it's free.
A. likes the tic-tac-toe--that's the only kid one we've downloaded so far. Let me know if you find some other cool ones.

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous but don't know that I could figure it all out. I didn't miss your BD, did I?

Tara said...

Its Tara from church. Here is my email address: tarashmara@yahoo.com

Shoot me an email (on your IPhone of course) so I can give you the link to Anson's website ;o)

silken said...

my husband got one for his birthday (which is still coming up!) too. we used the map on our trip last week. very helpful!