Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bouquet of Flowers

K in the field behind the house picking flowers just for me!
K being very selective on the "just perfect" flowers, grass and weeds for his cup.
My perfect bouquet. Now the arrangement will sit on my kitchen counter for weeks- just because it is the most beautiful bouquet I have ever had!

When I looked outside the other day K was in his socks way out in the field. When I walked out there to see what he was doing he explained he was picking flowers (and weeds) ,"for you, cuz I love you". They were the most beautiful weeds I had ever seen! I didn't even make a comment about being in his socks because he was picking the flowers for me!! Who needs a bouquet of flowers (or roses) from a flower shop when you have a little boy that can arrange the most unique and beautiful bouquet of flowers, grass and weeds!