Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Pink Challenge

My PINK Mother's day card from "my boys"! You gotta love Snoopy!
On the bottom left corner is K's signature. I can make out the K, can't you?

The challenge this week was to take a picture or talk about something PINK! Ok- let's just say I had A LOT to choose from with all the flamingo stuff, but as soon as I saw that my Mother's Day card was pink-that was that...challenge met! The front of the card says, "This card is from both of us..." and on the inside, "Think of it as a double dip of love." This Mother's Day was my first one with both of my boys! It is the first time that I had a card that said. "from both of us". I am honored that God has chosen me to raise both Kannon and Braden. It was a very special day for me. Thanks boys for the PINK card!