Thursday, May 17, 2007

Go 'Stros!

We love the Houston Astros!!! Our first game with all four of us! Go Astros!!!Minute Maid Park with the roof open- What a sight!!! As Trey would say, "It was a great ball for a day game."
The game was B. first Astro baseball game. They won just for him... Astros (10)/Diamondbacks (4). The Astros also hit 4 homeruns that night to represent the 4 in our family of course!
K got a Houston Astros Finger! While he wore it he kept saying, "Gig'em Astros!" (We are also Aggies!)
There is nothing better then going to a baseball game...Not any game, but the Houston Astros! To sit in the stands eating a pretzel, nachos, ice cream, cracker jacks, or hotdog while cheering for your favorite player is just plain FUN!!! You would think the players were part of our family- we talk about them so much. At home K uses the Astros to describe his actions- "I run fast like Biggio!" and "I eat slow like Berkman." K. now can see a player on the TV or the Big Screen (at the ball game) and tell you who it is and where he plays! I am such a proud Momma!
Last Sat. was our first Astro game of the season and B's first game ever! He was GREAT!!! I can already tell he loves the Astros! We just knew he would make the Big Screen during the "Kids Cam" because he was soo CUTE in his Astros Onsie- Maybe next time!
OK- my new favorite player (along with Biggio and Berkman) is Hunter Pence! He is a rookie and plays with a lot of energy and excitement! He actually sprints around the bases after he hits a homerun and runs with all he has to first base after a hit. Baseball needs more players like him.
Though we are now 5 hours away from Minute Maid Park we are still Astro fans! We proudly wear our shirts, watch the game on TV or listen to the game on the radio AND we will always go to watch "the guys"when we can! Go 'Stros!!
Do you have a favorite sports team or player?


Holly said...

In the words of Jamie Lee Curtis in "Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born", Baseball is the PERFECT game!

Great pics and I'm so glad ya'll got to enjoy the game--I know they won for you!

Hunter Pence is a breath of fresh air! Love him!

Deanna said...

Looks like fun!! We need a group game sometime!

Lacie said...

deanna, name the date and we will TRY to be there!!