Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Mr. Toad telling me, "Back away little lady or someone is going to get hurt!"
Mr. Toad giving me his good side for the photography session! Smile Mr. Toad!
K. so excited to see Mr. Toad- He would have held that gross thing if it would not have jumped right out of his little hand.

I am not at all in love with frogs- better yet, BIG TOADS!!! Trey has been telling me that there is a large toad living in and around our pond. That's fine with me as long as the little booger leaves me alone! What is it about toads and boys- they are just plan gross! They are bumpy and have beady eyes!

Well, last night after the boys were all snug in their beds, I noticed Trey doing some kind of dance outside (I had to laugh)! I walked out to see Trey trying to keep the toad out of the pond. When he saw me he told me to "go get Kannon!" So, I practically sprinted into his bedroom to get the sleepy child. I was so excited to show K the gross toad I probably scared the poor guy (You would have thought I saw a flying saucer)! K ran straight for the toad- Me, well I squealed every time it just hopped my direction (Trey and K thought it was great!). The whole time K was trying to touch and pick up that slimy thing I kept yelling- "it's going to pee pee on you!!!"

It took everything I had to get close enough to get a good picture of this HUGE TOAD. I think it was as big as my foot! Ok- maybe half my foot! At one point the toad and I had a stare down before he leaped for me...YIKES!!! He even tried to jump into our house- the nerve of Mr. Toad! Ok, Mr. Toad you can live in my pond and eat my mosquitoes because K really likes you- but you give me my space and I will give you yours!!


Heather said...

That toad is so big it looks like Kannon could ride it around the yard! HAHA

How fun...and great pics! :)

Holly said...

I''m glad ya'll found him, at least for K.'s sake! I think toads are pretty creepy too. I like little tree frogs better. He is a big dude--rrribbit (or is it croak)!