Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My 100 Life Dreams

In January 2005 I decided I would write down 100 things/goals that I would like to see, experience, or accomplish over my lifetime. While they are just simple and fun goals, I thought that writing them down would make it more real and I would actually work to meet them. It really worked!! While I haven't come up with all 100 things ( I add to the list as I discover a new goal/dream for myself)- I have met many of my goals/dreams. It is funny when I reach a goal or experience something that was on my list it feels so great! I feel like I am really living my life to the fullest.

Well, I decided I would keep the list on my blog as a reminder to me to "live life". Now every time I meet a goal I will share my experience. My recent move to my "cozy spot" has allowed me to reach several of my goals and I will share them over time.

Keep checking the list as it has grown and will continue to grow over the years! Remember to always live life to the fullest and give God all the glory!
(My list is in no particular order)
*Goal met
  1. Visit Savannah, Georgia *
  2. Go to the Ladies and Sons restaurant *
  3. Live in the country*
  4. Have another baby*
  5. Go Sailing
  6. Visit New York
  7. Have a camper to go camping in*
  8. Catch up on my scrapbooks
  9. Visit the Grand Canyon
  10. Planned visit (not just passing through)to all 50 states in the USA (Georgia*, Missouri*, Massachusetts*)
  11. See a Broadway show
  12. Have a home with a fireplace*
  13. Have a home with a front porch*
  14. Visit the Holy Lands
  15. Fly a kite at the beach
  16. Camp on the Beach
  17. Visit the White House
  18. Make a quilt*
  19. Have a vegetable garden*
  20. Read all the Janette Oke books
  21. Watch all the Little House on the Prairie episodes
  22. Visit Italy
  23. Get on a Monthly or Weekly mail order "thing" were you get food, candles,books, ect.-anything fun!
  24. Learn how to can veggies
  25. Learn how to make and can jellies, jams, and/or preserves*
  26. Go snow skiing
  27. Keep an active journal*
  28. Learn to crochet*
  29. Have a "good" flower garden and keep a journal of it
  30. Go on a mission trip
  31. Make a pie from scratch (and keep the recipe)
  32. Write down all my families special recipes
  33. Have a china cabinet to display my/family china*
  34. Go to a symphony
  35. learn to play and instrument
  36. Go to a play*
  37. Go on a cruise (anywhere)
  38. Run in a 1/2 Marathon
  39. Camp or visit all State Parks in Texas


Heather said...

That's a great list...with so many already achieved! I had a list once....you inspired me to make another one. :)

Lynn said...

GIRL...I have no doubts that you will do them all! What a fun list. I think I am going to make me one too. I think we need to create a spot somewhere on our blogs or maybe just create a new blogsite just for our DREAM lists. I didn't see go to " ....ville" on the list. What is up with that?