Monday, May 14, 2007

Today is "Ketchup" day!

Today is Ketchup day! I have not posted in several days- ohhh, it feels good to be back! We have had a very busy last couple of days!
  • Thursday- We left to visit our friends in Houston (where we moved from a little more then a month ago). On the way we stopped in Corsicana to visit B and Lanette and their two new precious babies (Colton and Ellie). We also stopped in Spring to look at a camper (which is now ours!). Look for the story later!!!!!! We arrived in Clear Lake at the Sab's House at around 10:30 pm. Can you say, "VERY LONG TRIP!!!" and "FLASH FLOOD!"
  • Friday- We all slept as long as the kids let us (HAHA). The day was full of fun things! We took it easy and let the kids play. Heather and I got our eyebrows done (New Woman!) and went to Reid's Ball Game. The team won 11-10 (very exciting game!!!). We all stayed up chatting about life and our kids!
  • Saturday- "The girls" went out to eat for Heather's D-day!!! Yes, she will be thirty something on May 20th! I had sooo much fun catching up with everyone and their families! Heather and I got the oil changed in the car (We will do anything just to get out of the house and visit!) and went to visit Kelly H. in the hospital after having baby Aiden! Then our family went to the Astro game and had a blast! We love the Astros! Once we got back to the Sab's, again we stayed up late chatting with "the hubbies".
  • Sunday- Mother's Day! I felt blessed all day with great family and friends all around me- AND my two most PERFECT boys!! We went to our "old church" and felt so loved by all of the kind words and excited people to see us! I just tried to soak up all the hugs, smiles, and family stories until our next visit. Heather cooked a wonderful meal and we loaded up and headed back to our "cozy spot" (our home) only after stopping to pick up the camper! We finally arrived at 12:30am. Can you say "VERY LONG TRIP!!!"

Ok -thats the VERY SHORT version of the last couple of days-


Holly said...

Loved your ketchup post! Clever! I'm sooo glad you were able to come down for the weekend, see friends, cheer the Astros to victory, get some running shoes (Woo-Hoo!), and become RVers ALL in one weekend!!

I like your new format too and LOVE the flamingo pictures! :)

Love ya!

Holly said...

Oh...I just scrolled down and saw "your boys"! Great pic of some GREAT guys!! I'm glad you got the sidebar pictures to work.

Deanna said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun!! Sorry I missed ya! LOVE the new blog look. You guys are making my blog look shabby! :P

Lynn said...

Lacie.....I love you! That was so funny to hear you tell the story! I do know that there was alot more to the story than what you told though. Have I told you how special you are to me? I will never forget meeting you and knowing that you would be the perfect friend for my daughter. And I was right. I so hated her to be moving away from me but GOD, as always, knows what's best and he sent the Sabs to you! THANKS FOR THAT. Love your new blog and all the pics. NOW, you need to get set up on MYPSPACE too like we are. We have a blast there!

Heather said...

I love your new profile! Its too cute!

And yes, we had so much fun this weekend, too! The kids have not stopped talking about how much fun they had with K! And Macy is still wishing Shelby was still in the back yard! HA And our talks....priceless! :)

I was SO sad to see you drive away! Your family is precious and I loved getting to spend time with them. We will do it again REALLY soon!

Love you, girl!

Lynn said...

Lacie love.....I know I've been here before today but just want to thank you again for being there with kind words when Heather is feeling like a sucker. Thanks for praying for her as she wrestles that old "sucker syndrome" that she got from her mom!

Heather said...

You and Holly are adding stuff to your blog...I can't keep up! HAHA

You girls are too smart. :) I tried to spurce mine up a little but your pages rock! :)