Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Joy of Saturday!

Do you know this Woman? If not let me introduce you...this is Ms. Paula Deen ( I just call her Paula-we know each other well, Ha! ) I love her southern cooking and her cooking show. Anyone who loves butter as much as she does has to be a good cook! I enjoy watching her show because it's like she is your best friend in your kitchen cooking with a lot of fun and laughter! I always laugh out loud while watching her taste her own cooking( she takes such HUGE bites!) I have a couple of her recipe books (some of my favorite things) and I just read the recipes for the pure enjoyment of it! Her recipes are GREAT!! You have to try some - they will make your husband weak in the knees!

Well, since our move I haven't even watched her once- yes, in over a month I haven't watched one cooking show- Major Paula withdraw!. So, this morning while Trey was outside mowing our large yard (took him a couple of hours!) with K-man on his lap and "little bit" asleep I walked slowly, making sure no one was watching, And I flipped on the TV!!!!! Guess who was guessed right, PAULA ! I started jumping up and down (after making sure again nobody was around). I wanted to squeal, but I just couldn't wake up "little bit"! Ohhhhhhh- she was baking (my favorite) and with A LOT of butter!

I just sat quietly watching every stir the Southern Belle made. I could just taste the bread pudding! The joy of Saturday with a little Paula Deen! Eat well!


Heather said...

Love her! I need the lemon square receipe...I'm having withdrawls! HA

Glad you got some Lacie time! :) Nothing like a little Food Network!

Lacie said...

Heather- I will get that recipe to ya! Consider it mailed! Glad you enjoyed them- I will have to write your name next to the recipe since I know you like them so much.

Gotta love Paula's Lemon Squares!

Holly said...

I'm glad you got a few minutes to watch her. Your joy almost makes me want to cook something. Almost.