Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Heather!

Heather and Me- Two Peas in a Pod! Making memories one adventure at a time!
What a crew! Nothing better then good friends, good family, and good coffee!

Heather is 34 today! Yes, Heather I put it where the whole world could see it! You and your family are so special to me! I decided to honor our friendship and your birthday by writing 34 reasons why I smile when I think of you! These are in no particular order!

  1. You are a true Servant of God
  2. You love your husband and children
  3. You love God with all your heart
  4. You lock yourself out of your house at least once a month
  5. You blog and check e-mail at 2 am
  6. You run a free bus service- to and from sporting events and dance class
  7. You never say No- Never!
  8. You cock your head back and open your mouth when you laugh!
  9. You are always smiling even when it's tough
  10. You are not afraid to laugh out loud
  11. You always make others around you feel special
  12. You will deliver soup and humidifiers to very sick friends on more then one occasion
  13. You are always ready to cook a roast
  14. You are not ashamed to wear flip flops with unpainted toe nails
  15. You sing with your heart
  16. You put up with your "Type-A" personality friend
  17. You bite your tongue when someone at the baseball game says "not so nice things" about your baby boy on third!
  18. You make great jewelry that everyone wants
  19. Your husband calls you blessed
  20. You drink coffee with the best of them!
  21. You laugh at the days to come
  22. You are always there for ANYONE!
  23. You feed baked potatoes to babies (HeeHee)
  24. You give Great hugs
  25. You show your love for your WHOLE family through action
  26. You make holding a "shift-worker" family together look easy
  27. You take one day at a time
  28. You have paid for your dentist's new home (HeeHee)
  29. You are always ready for a "girls night out" or an "emergency meeting"
  31. You can talk or listen to anyone about anything (that includes strangers!)
  32. You have entered your thirties with grace
  33. You love life
  34. YOU ARE MY FRIEND!!!! I am honored you call me friend! Happy Birthday Heather!


Heather said...

Lacie..thank you so much for that sweet post and kind words! You are an awesome friend...I am blessed.

Hey! I got a pedicure for my birthday! No more unpainted toes with flip flops! HA HA HA :)

love ya girl!

Lynn said...

What a great idea! I could make my own list of 34 reasons why I love HEATHER. For all the reasons you listed and more. Thanks for being you, LACIE!