Thursday, May 24, 2007


"Hey sweetie, get off your brother. Your head is probably heavy on his little body."
"Pleeease get off your brother, you are bigger then Little Bit!"
" Kannon, I don't want to tell you again to get off your brother!!!!"
"Go Braden Go!!!!!! Get him!!!! You gotta him now!!!!"

You would not believe how many times a day I have to tell the K- man to get off Little Bit! I feel like a broken record. I should just have it recorded and play it back throughout the day, "Get Off of Him!, Get Off of Him!" Boys are something else! I can get on to Kannon over and over throughout the day, but more times then not Braden is smiling and loving every minute of it. They are wrestling already! At 7 months Little Bit is wrestling! I just don't get it! I think I have an interesting road ahead of me-


Deanna said...

Hal and B. did the SAME things when they were that little! I was amazed at how early they wrestled and fought. Watch out! Here they come!

Linda said...

I have a feeling Kannon will have to watch out!!! Braden may be bigger and with all early conditioning.....he may be able to "get back at Kannon"!