Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blast into God's Word

My adorable husband and the K-Man reading the scriptures together. Yes, they are in my Cozy Chair, but for this one time it's ok by me.
Nothing better then a Father and Son reading the Bible together. Yes, I had to take quick pictures not to ruin the moment- But they were too sweet sitting there together!

Monday we started the Blast into God's Word Bible Reading program. This year the summer reading includes Psalm and Proverbs. For every 20 chapters that the kids read (or that are read to them) they get to pick a prize. If at the end of the summer they have read all of Psalm and Proverbs they get a medal and certificate. Last summer, Dive into God's Word (which was all of the New Testament), was so life changing for our family. K. was only 2 years old, but through reading the scriptures every night he learned that the Bible was God's Word and that the Bible is important to our family. He was so adorable walking up to the front to receive his medal (which he still proudly wears around at times- he calls it his dog collar, Ha!) On our own we also sang the books of the Old and New Testaments. At the end of the summer K. was able to sing them both on his own. We were so proud to say the least! This year we are singing the Old and New Testaments, but are also including the Apostle and Creation songs to the mix.

I encourage you to read the Bible to your children. There is no other book that is more important or life changing to read. Reading the Bible to your children will also change your life- speaking from experience.

Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."


Lynn said...

Lacie, if only more mothers saw the importance of reading the Bible, teaching Bible songs, and basically planting the seed of God in their children's hearts as you are doing, this world would be a totally different place! You will be rewarded on earth and in Heaven. Magna cum laude! Valedictorian of the Pearly Gates. You are awesome.

silken said...

this brings tears to my eyes. I love it! You know how I feel about it ;)

(don't ever lose that picture-I think it's the best!)

Holly said...

This is so wonderful Lacie! The pictures are precious.

I appreciate you sharing your experience from last year, because at first I thought 2 or 3 years was too young. Now I wish we had done last summer's program with A., but you inspired me to give it shot this year...and it really is going well. Thanks bunches!