Friday, June 1, 2007

Still Growing!

Our garden (Gordon- Shhhh!) is still growing by leaps and bounds! We have had a lot of rain and now the sun is coming out... So I feel certain the little guys will continue to thrive! From talking to others that have lived in the area for awhile this has been the best year for planting a garden in around 7 years ( because of all the rain). It looks like we picked the best year to move and plant our first veggie garden (It was all part of our plan, Ha Ha!)Grow Gordon Grow! Did I say Gordon? I mean Garden- Sorry Babe!
These are our Kentucky Wonder Beans. AKA...Green Beans.
These are our round peas. There are so many of them my adorable husband is going to have to start liking them!!!
See the yellow flower? The rumor is that's where the veggie grows. This is squash, but our cucumbers and zucchini also have these beautiful yellow flowers on them. K. likes to smell them-Ha.
Bell Peppers- We are having twins!!! Can't have fajitas with out the green guy!
These are two of our eight, yes eight, tomatoes plants! Can we say SALSA!
Here are the cute little boogers now! The K Man has tried to pick them on several occasions. I hope they make it to red!
Yes...And the Banana Peppers! I think they are ready to pick, Don't you?
I feel like a real gardener with corn in the garden! I think I'll be most excited when I see the corn on the cobs. I absolutely love to eat corn on the cob- Shhh! Don't tell the corn, I want them to grow!
I have loved gardening! The weeds can get out of control- but so can't anything else in life, right?It has been fun to watch God in all his glory make the little seeds bloom into something so beautiful and yummy! There is nothing like having a "real" veggie garden for the first time


Holly said...

Gordon is growing strong! Everything looks great--I'm so proud of ya'll and Gordon.

silken said...


Heather said...

your tomatoes look awesome....too bad I don't like tomatoes! HA HA Ok, maybe I will TRY one of bite, that's all! :)

Hope yall are having fun with Poppy this weekend. Miss ya!

Lynn said...

I am sorry that I have trouble calling your garden by it's given name. Especially since I have to live with the real one. I could make some analogies but I won't. However, your garden is unbelievable. I hope you have a good cookbook. I can tell you a great way to cook those green beans like my Granny. But, I am with Trey on those peas. GAG......

Deanna said...

Heather will eat the peas!!!

Lookin' good! Way to go, Lacie! The only thing in my garden that has blooms is the cucumber. I think I need more sunlight..and I'm out of luck in that area. Oh well...I'll keep tryin!

Ashley said...

Watch out for snakes!!