Monday, June 4, 2007

Maiden Voyage

We took our Maiden Voyage this weekend with Poppy! We visited our "first" State Park in Texas - Lake Mineral Wells State Park. The day we arrived was beautiful and the flowers were numerous.You HAVE to take a picture of the welcome sign as you enter into the state park- it's an unwritten rule!
Here is the Lake Mineral Wells! So beautiful! At the park you can rent paddle boats and canoes. (We decided just camping with the boys was enough of an adventure for us this time!)
Here is Poppy arriving in RV spot 55! I think 55 may be our new lucky number. It was a perfect spot with a lot of trees and the bathrooms right around the corner (a MUST with a 3 year old!!)
Here is Poppy looking GREAT! My adorable husband did a great job popping Poppy up for the first time with two kids and a very helpful wife (Ha!)
Ohhhh!! I had to get a picture of my Pink Flamingo Lights (thanks Holly!). Yes, once again my husband put up the CUTE, GIRLY light with no complaints!
We had so much fun! Everything we did the K- Man thought IT was the best thing ever! Well, S'mores ARE the best thing ever, right?
Here is Little Bit and K. humoring their mother for a quick picture on one of the bunks- This is K-Man's new favorite "happy face".

Hot Dogs- Everybody knows you have to have hot dogs when you go camping. At least that's what I have been told! K. lasted about oh-2 minutes standing next to the hot fire before my sweet husband finished our gourmet meal. Yummy, Yummy- Hot dogs in my Tummy!
The K-Man was totally in his element! He looked for and picked up rocks to build "houses", towers...
And find BUGS!!!! We went home with about 100 insects! If you looks closely K. is holding a poor little critter in his finger tips.

Another adventure was down at the lake. K. got his first lesson in skipping rocks. I don't know if you know this, but my husband is the Rock Skipping Champion of... of... well, he is just really good (Ha!)
K. and Momma taking a break on the rocks in the shade. Cheese!!!!
The two bigger boys taking a walk enjoying the glorious day.
Ok- I almost forgot to tell the story, but this picture of Little Bit reminds me that there was one adventure I can't leave out!!! This picture is of B. waking up after a wild nights sleep. We understood that there was a 20% chance of thunderstorms on Friday night, but what's 20%- not bad, right? about 11pm on Friday night the storm ARRIVED in BOOMING fashion!!!!!
The lightning struck, the thunder crashed and the wind blew (to say the least!)
Dear Poppy did a great job keeping us safe and dry (with a little shaking back and forth during the night) K. slept right through the whole event and Braden only fussed a couple of times then fell back asleep- Me, well, I kept listening for the "train noise" that everyone describes comes with tornadoes and praying quietly for God to make it Quit!!!!!! At 8 am we all woke to soggy surroundings, but everything was fine! We had survived!!
We had a wonderful time with many little (and slightly bigger) adventures. The boys did great and my husband was wonderful and patient with all of us! I think we will only get more efficient over time. But let me tell ya- I think we did GREAT for our first time!!! Texas State Parks watch out - you may just be the next one on our list!


silken said...

sounds great!except for the seems those storms are worse in the parks, doesn't it? we have been through some, one really bad one in particular and in a tent that did not keep us warm or dry. everything was soaked on that trip. daylight didn't come soon enough that time..

glad you all had such a great first experience!

Deanna said...

LOVE the lights!! Trey really is a good guy..he has to be. :) Putting up the lights for ya is proof!'re still a GIRL even if you're surrounded by boys!

Holly said...

Poppy's maiden voyage sounds fantastic! It sounds and looks like ya'll had a great time.
Sorry to hear about the storm though...scary!

Michelle A. said...

My grandfathers nickname was Poppy! Looks like you had a lot of fun on your campout. I used to love to travel with my parents in our trailer in the summer and loved it. Sorry to hear about the storm. Hope you had a great time!

Kelly said...

looks like lots of fun... i'm really in the mood for camp-fire roasted hot dog right about now.