Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

We loaded up and went to the Zoo yesterday! Loads of Fun!!! The day was beautiful - I am still loving the NO HUMIDITY!!! Let's just say- It is so much fun watching your kids get sooo excited running from one animal to another! My Mom is a super woman- she pushed the stroller and helped juggle the wiggly kids all morning while saying she was having a wonderful day! If you think that's noth'in...she walked up to the glass windows with the K- Man at the reptile center while I stood against the wall with Little Bit. I'm not real crazy about the snakes, but I found out this trip that K. loves them! He was running from window to window talking about everything he saw. At the end of the day he wanted a toy snake to take home- not on my watch!
Here is my sweet K Man, yes, hugging a reptile! Why do little boys like all the yucky things?
Ok, this is much better- Sweet, gentle, beautiful flamingos! K- Man, flamingos are much better then snakes and lizards (just don't ask your Dad).
Have I said that I love Flamingos? Oh... I love flamingos!
Another favorite animal at the Zoo was the Rhino. They are huge!
We kept calling for the Rhino to, "Come here little rhino!" So here is a picture of him walking right up to us. Did I tell you that we speak Rhino?
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!! There were so many wonderful animals. I had more fun seeing the animals through my boys eyes. God is so creative!
Here is sweet Little Bit! He did great... Though I think his favorite part was lunch (HA!)
The world can get so busy around us and daily duties can take the fun out of many things. This little "side trip" refreshed all of us and gave us a day full of laughter and smiles.


Holly said...

What a great day at the zoo! Your mom is a trooper, I'm glad ya'll are spending time together.

Great pics too--especially the flamingo close-up--love it!

Linda said...

What a wonderful day! It is good to revisit the day through all the pictures. K, I FINALLY made it to the zoo with you!!! Can't wait to go again!