Thursday, June 7, 2007

Good Mail Update

I wanted to share my good mail that has been putting a smile on my face (and K-Man's). When you are having a hard or lonely day a little good mail can make the sun shine a lot brighter!

This was a huge package from none other then Holly~ My boys even got some good mail! Notice the PINK flip flop that's now on my key chain (My adorable husband has a hard time holding my keys now- Ha!) The punch out hearts glued to the paper was from A. to K.- along with a dinosaur ball (K. wouldn't give it to me for the picture!)

This adorable blow up Flamingo (that is still nameless) was from Sweet Heather~ It now graces my laundry room with all the other flamingo stuff (A girl has to have a room that she can call her own, right?)
Holly again sent good mail with some Shot Blocks that are to be chewed while running long distances. Because I am out in the boonies we don't have many options for runners, so it will be fun to try these out this weekend for my long run!!! Maria sent this beautiful card, but the words inside were even more beautiful!

Girls, thanks for making my mailbox one of my favorite things!


Linda said...

It always shortens the distance between friends and family with "good mail"!!!

Kelly said...

i love that blow up flamingo... too cute.