Monday, May 21, 2007

Confessions of the Cleaning Lady

Today I woke up and decided THIS WAS THE DAY to get the house clean- all at once. There is nothing better then a totally clean house. I think this is because it very rarely happens in a house full of kids!

I started with the kid's bedrooms...done. Then the living room...whew, done! Might I add I am practically doing this all one armed holding Little Bit with the other and K- Man as my shadow (Do I hear a Whoo Hoo!).

Then finally nap time for B and K decides it is much more fun outside in the dirt!!! So I look around...What next? Then there it is the Bathroom!!! It is staring at me..."It's My turn, Little Lady!" Oh, Man I really hate doing bathrooms. AND the kicker is the John! Now that I have two boys (one being three) using the potty, can I say YUCK!!!!! So I buckle down and pull my gloves up to my shoulders and just go for it!

Yeah-DONE. I look at the spotless John... Did it just wink at me? As a walk to put the cleaning stuff away what do I hear... The back door opens and running to the bathroom with sand all over him is K-man! NOOOOOOO...I start to panic. "Where are you going?", "To the Potty?" "You need to Pee Pee?!". Sigh...I guess I can't ask the poor kid to wait all day. So I smile and say, "Remember to flush". Bummer another clean John down the drain!


Heather said...

Dear Cleaning lady,

Can you please come to my house? I am needing some help...BAD! I have heard that you do such a great job sorting through things like old perfume bottles and such.

pack rat

Deanna said...

I understand this post ALL too well!! It was nice while it lasted, though, right?!