Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of 1st Grade!

To be honest, I have been a bit blue and the K-man has been a bit quiet.
The unknown can really be hard.
We always talk to the boys about being Warrior's for God and today was no different!
When K-man sat to eat breakfast there was another book,
"Will, God's Mighty Warrior" (we love these books)!
Seriously, 6:30 am is really early!

Ahhhh, K-man looks much better after a change of clothes.
He had a hard time eating breakfast, because his tummy was a bit nervous.

So, my '"little first grader" decided a bit of reading with breakfast would calm his nerves.
It might have helped his, but is Momma was still a bit anxious!

Through the rest of the morning I was a walking prayer warrior myself!
I so miss my boys when they are gone out of my protective mother's eye.
Our new FAVORITE 1st grader!

The shoes make the outfit don't you think?
K- Man couldn't wait to put on his new shoes!
Boys are ohhhhh so easy!

Our Father, Please guide us in the rearing of our sweet boy. Let the words that leave our mouth be worthy of entering his precious heart. Protect our little boy while he is not snug in our arms and allow him to feel you strong and mighty presence! Lord I trust in you. Thank you for your mercy. Love, Me.

When I said good-bye to K-man this morning in his classroom , he looked up at me sniffing with his eyes and nose red and said, "I better just keep coloring." My heart broke. He was trying so hard not to cry. My sweet boy was just so nervous. I know he will be fine, but I wanted so bad to sweep him up and carry him home with me.
At 10:30 am this morning B-Boy stated,
"Now, when do we pick up K-man?"
Here are our sad faces.
We both can't wait to pick up the K-man!!

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