Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two of First Days!

Today was B-Boy's first day of Pre-K 4's ! (Tues. and Wed.)
He too was remided of being a Warrior for God in all things he does!
When B-Boy was brought into the living room this morning all he could say was,
"I'm tired! I want to go back to bed!"...Me too!

Here is the sweet, "ready for Pre-K" smile!

So grown up! Brush those pearly whites~

Our Favorite Preschooler!

B-Boy has always wanted to be "big" like his big brother.
Going to "school" makes him feel he is more like his brother.
The other day he told me he wanted to go everyday like K-man...no way, little man! You are growing up too fast already!

We love you with all our heart!
We are so very proud of the big boy your are becoming~
B-Boy's excitement this morning was getting to use his Scooby-Doo lunch box!
This year, we are letting him take a lunch box (again like his big brother). He picked the Scooby one out without any hesitation!

He was a bit hesitant this morning being with some older kids, however when he saw his buddy in the class he let a smile slip across his face. They started with the pledge this morning...this is my angel with his precious hand across his heart! Little did he know my hand was patting my heart all the way to my car thinking about my big, independent little boy.

As I got in my car to leave this was my view.
*Sigh*...Heart Pat!
Dear Father, you are our Savior, Protector and Friend. Please hold my little boy's hand today while he his not in my arms. Help him to be confident knowing he is never alone. Let the day go fast with you as his protector and guide. Let him learn things today that will allow him to be a growing servant for you. Thank you for your mercy and grace.
love, Me.


rachel lynn said...

sweet precious boys...sweet precious family. we miss you still. thank you for sharing your heart in these last posts. (and pictures of your handsome little men)

Heather said...

LOVE THE PICS! What a fun first day of school for the both of the boys! You always do the sweetest things with them! ...and your prayer....tears!

<3 ya