Monday, August 30, 2010

Learning to Read

With learning to read comes a new awareness of the world around you.

As the K-man has increased his confidence in reading, I often hear him reading signs in town, book titles, signs I have in the home, labels...the list could go on. I usually just smile and say something like, "great reading', "that's right!"...however, this summer I had a heart stopping moment.

We were exiting off the freeway when I looked in the rear view mirror at my two boys in the backseat only to notice tears rolling down the K-man's cheeks. When I asked what was wrong he pointed to the man holding a sign at the traffic light. "Help. Have no Home."

"Momma, that man doesn't have a home!"

As I choked back tears and looked at my innocent little boys in the backseat my heart broke. I said something like, God knows that man's name and God IS working... It just made me sad that K-man was realizing things are not always, "Ok." There is hurt, hunger, sadness and loneliness in this world. We stopped before going in the next store and I prayed with all my heart! Out loud I was praying for the man to know God and for protection..., inside I was also praying for God to keep my boys' hearts soft for the hurting and to strengthen them for the hurt they will face and witness.

May we have soft hearts for the hurting, the hungry, the sad, and the lonely.

May we never stop reading!

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Rochelleht said...

Thanks for that sweet reminder. So glad to see you and your cute cute boys blogging again!!