Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joys of School?

The K-man has been at it for two full weeks...
What things are different: (First Grade vs Kinder):
  • Reading books for AR tests every night vs. two times a week
  • Math homework two days a week vs none
  • Spelling tests on Fridays vs none
  • Tardies count vs. a smile and a sweet "hurry up"
  • Lockers vs cubbies
  • Teacher don't make eye contact with parents vs hug you and the child (not really, but get the point)...ok, a bit harsh. K-man's teacher is very commutative via e-mail.

So, really the homework has been the real adjustment for us and K-man starting first grade. It has been hard encouraging K-man do the homework when he is worn out and "brain fried". He often takes some down time and then spends about 30 minutes with the school work for the night while I'm finishing up supper.

I usually try to ask, "what was your favorite thing today?", but I have had to alter my probing because I have been answered on multiple occasions, "nothing! all we do is WORK!"
With that said, he has not told me he isn't going back... yet!

For B-Boy, the adventures at home with Momma could not be better!

However, I am "brushed" to the side when his big brother comes home.
I wouldn't have it any other way!

Oh...B-boy is not real excited about the homework either!

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