Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes, he is very adorable...
However today, he was NOT so much a cutie pie!
I decided that I needed to get some professional pictures taken. Just some quick shots to "freeze the moment" of my fast growing and changing boys. So, with today being a holiday we loaded up as a family to spend some time together in the BIG city which included the boys pictures being taken in a studio...
This is where the HAPPY THOUGHTS end! Imagine my 6 year old strutting in taking his pictures with ease and poise. THEN COMES...B-BOY! We drag him in and he crawls under a chair and won't come out. He refuses to even talk to the girl (who is smiling, but thinking that I have NO control over this child...I'm thinking she's right!). I look at my husband like, "what are we going to do?" He drags B-boy out and takes him to another room. He is there for a long while....Then out comes the "mule-stubborn child" with furrowed brows- No change!
30 minutes later we have NOTHING! Bribery has not worked, "your breaking my heart" has not worked, threatening has not worked! I have lost control of the whole situation! Yep.
We leave the studio with the idea that we will return following more intense bribery..."Your brother is getting... and YOU ARE NOT!"- no change. Will not budge. When it finally starts sinking in B-Boy cries loudly explaining he does not want to smile! We go over he will get NOTHING until he smiles for the camera!- no change. Will not budge.
Finally, are 6 year old comes to the rescue and takes the "mule-stubborn child" into the bathroom for a talk. 5 minutes later out walks "angle child (for today)" and mule-stubborn child" both with huge smiles on their faces. B-boy is ready! Not sure what was said and I could care less, but we were going to get the pictures done TODAY!
He smiles all the way to the studio and it takes SERIOUSLY 7 minutes to finish the whole session! AND I SERIOUSLY needed a LARGE sweet tea after the whole ordeal.
So, no cutie pie today! GRRRR.

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