Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Then I Would Like to Admit...

There are some things about me that I do not like to admit to...but here it goes.

  • I' m an all or nothing person: neat freak some days...SLOB other days;; worn out...energized; baking baking; running...nothing; time on computer...what is a computer; crafting...unfinished projects! I never really find myself in the middle (grrrrr)
  • I'm competitive. This trait frustrates me to no end! (grrrr)
  • I'm a health freak. (yep, I'm one of those people!)I absolutely love to learn about nutrition and new information on health strategies. I can't understand why some eat and take care of themselves the way they do. I get overwhelmed by other people's shopping carts at Wally World-(ask my adorable husband how I fume :)). I enjoy trying out new recipes that are "good" for you. This aspect of myself can drive my adorable husband nuts. He is a sweet and carbo man... (we are getting there with some compromises :)). My kids have no problem with it- they don't know the difference between white flour and Almond flour in my baking.
  • I'm not as friendly as I once was. Or maybe I just don't feel like being social and meeting new people (ie. mom's at the boys school, mom's of kids on the boys sports teams). Don't get me wrong, I'm nice! I'm just a bit of a homebody with just a few close friends and thats good enough for me. I know, it sounds CRAZY! Maybe, it's that I'm consumed with family and the friends I have now. Maybe I don't have the energy for the drama of lots of friends...MAYBE I'm content!
  • I withdraw. Sometimes I need to be with my own thoughts. It can last a couple of days or a week. I think its good.
  • I'm motivated by frustration. You want to know my secret to clean cabinets...i can't get something out!...then my all or nothing personality comes out and the whole kitchen has been gutted and reorganized!!!!!! You want to know my secrete to a spotless house...I have been a SLOB for a couple of days and I become frustrated with myself at allowing the boys to have piles (Ok, my pile too!) everywhere! Motivation for running...pants don't fit (FRUSTRATION)!! Blogging again...frustrated that so much time of my boys was not documented!
  • I'm stubborn. Enough Said!

Ok, I think these confessions were painful enough. I have a huge closet full of things I do not enjoy admitting. However, I think it's good to remind yourself that YOU HAVE FAULTS and Only through God's mercy are you made PERFECT in HIM! Pride is distructive...Amen!


jodyandjanell said...

Um... ouch! For a minute, I really thought you stole my head and were writing about me. This is me to a tee... no lie. I drive my husband insane! It's true. All or nothing.
When I retreat... nobody hears from me. I for sure hurt those I love the most. I frustrate myself... good times!! Oh well, God made me.... and gets me ; )!
Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

I was just thinking about this subject today (as I was vacumming up dog hair after ignoring it for several days) and feeling frustrated that I am all or nothing too most of the time. Why can't I be a steady medium, consistent, middle of the road instead of extremes??

Oh, and I'm relating quite well to Hermie, A's new pet she got for her b-day--a hermit crab. Ha!!

Heather said...

Oh, how I know about your kitchen reorganization skills... haha! I still love my kitchen but Troy and Reid still ask me about their favorite bowls. LOL!

I think you are a perfect friend.

Rochelleht said...

I just went through my list with dh the other night. So painful to look at, but I guess I can't change it if I don't!