Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Shoe Rack

My new favorite thing is an over the door plastic shoe rack! I have one on almost all my doors (Hee Hee) . When we moved I no longer had a room for scrapbook, stamping, crafts...etc., but I did get a shelf closet just to call my own! I had to stretch it as far as I could go. While shopping one day I noticed a plastic shoe rack out of the corner of my eye...Hmmm....that just might work! I took it home and put all kinds of things in it (scissors, cards, ribbons, pens,...etc.). It worked so well I put one in my pantry too. I have all of those loose things that just take up space- instant oatmeal, snack bars, fruit snacks, popcorn bags, baby food...etc. It has worked so wonderful!!! I wanted to share my awesome find. It might just work for you too!

I made a grape salad for supper lastnight-
K.: "Ohhhh, Momma this makes my heart feel good!"
That grape salad may be my new favorite recipe! Thanks K Man- love ya!


Deanna said...

Great idea!!

Holly said...

I think they are wonderful! They look great and they are so useful. thanks for sharing your fab. idea.

Holly said...

Still not sure about comment etiquette for questions, but, yes I couldn't resist getting the shoe holders...now I have to figure out how to sort/organize everything. I'm overwhelmed before I even begin. I guess that's why I haven't started yet! Hee!

silken said...

good idea! you need to send that to parents magazine-they PAY for ideas like that you know!

my daughter sure appreciated the birthday card! thanks!

silken said...

ps-gonna post that grape salad recipe??

Heather said...

I am getin' me a shoe rack....TODAY! :)