Monday, August 27, 2007

Blah Blah Blah...

Do you ever have one of those days when you just feel BLAH! For me, that's today!Blah, Blah, and Blah. I have wondered what could it be that overwhelms a person to the point of a Blah day. So I started thinking:

1. The K-Man starts Pre-K tomorrow in a new place and with new kids. I don't know one child in the class or one parent. This is when being the new family in town is not too fun. I'm sure he will do wonderful. He is my social dragonfly (I can't say butterfly...too girly!) I am sure he will walk in and make a friend right away!

2. Little Bit will be ONE in a couple of months! I LOVE birthdays and I LOVE having birthday parties. For the K-Man I had two big birthday parties when he turned 1 (Friends and Family)!!! However, for Little Bit we don't really have a huge group of friends with little ones SOOOO a HUGE, I mean a pull out all the stops, Family Birthday will have to do! I am blessed to have a Little Bit!

3. I decided I just couldn't continue training for the HALF this year. BIG SIGH!!! It kills me to even type it. I have prayed and talked and thought and prayed...AND I am mentally and physically spent right now with two small kids and dealing with all the life changes that have flown my direction the last several months. Training for a Marathon is both physically and mentally challenging...I am totally up for the challenge, BUT just not today. It is still a life goal and I know I will do it, BUT not today.
To ease my mind as I ran this morning (kind of sad not to be training) I decided my time running during the week would be spent in prayer. I am a runner and I have always been to continue using this time wisely I am calling it my "Prayer Run". I will run 3 miles several times a week and pray for YOU. Anytime you have a specific thing you would love to know another is praying for...just let me know and I will pray for you during my run! Today was for my friends and their kids starting school today and for my Mom who teaches school.

4. I will be looking for a job soon! TOO soon! I knew the day would come and...yes, I need to start looking. I am looking for something just a couple of days a week while the boys are busy at MDO (B. starts in OCT...another sigh.)and Pre-K. I really enjoy being a Occupational Therapist. It is rewarding in many aspects, but after being away from it for a while you just get comfortable being "around" all the time. I am blessed to have gotten to spend so much time with the boys at home AND that I don't have to work full time. Just another unknown that needs to be conquered!

Sorry, for the book! Just having a Blah day! Tomorrow the sun will shine brighter- It ALWAYS does!


Megan said...

I definately know what you mean when you say Blah days. I have had those as well. It is funny you mention birthday parties because I love doing great big fun parties as well. But we just moved and it was my son's b-day in August and I thought we need to plan a party and then I realized we don't know that many people (the joys of moving). So instead I made a big list of all the fun things I could think of to do and eat. I let my son pick two. It turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever. I think this time is really helping us grow closer as a family. I'm sure you will have a wonderful day with your son.

Shaka said...

when we moved here i didn't know anyone and there wasn't anyone at church really my age with kids at home. preschool was the best thing for us. that's where i started to meet other moms and found out about playgroups in town. don't feel blah about it! maybe it will work out like that for you too.

Lynn said...

I am well acquainted with the blah day syndrome. I have them often. They are of unknown origin and the only cure is to just be blah. Or roll with the flow. I love your idea of the prayer run. Be sure and add me to your list. I have specifics but you can just generally throw my name around if you want. I drove through Aledo / Weatherford on Saturday and thought of you guys.

BriteCloud said...

Lacie, I know it's hard to put those dreams on the backburner, like the marathon. I wish I could enjoy exercising. I just can't get motivated. Talk about BLAH!

I know K. will love preschool! Hope tomorrow finds you un-blah. :)


silken said...

love the prayer runs, you can always pray for our family, my big boy, my daughter at home, and my 2 nephews too. I'll be praying for your PreK Kman! and B is almost 1??!!

(ps-how is the bible reading coming for him??)

maria said...


I'm sorry you've had such a 'blah' day. Those days always seem to multiply when things get really stressful, don't they? Anyway, I'm excited for K. in that he's starting a new school. I'm sure he will make friends right away. I'm sorry the running 'thing' has been such a dilemma lately. I'm just glad it has been resolved for you and that you feel peace with your decision--anything that puts you and your family first when they need you is the right decision! I think the running 'prayer' time is an awesome idea! I will definitely have to try that the next time I get out and run! I just want to let you know how impressed I am with you and how well you have been handling the transition. I know its hard moving to a new place, but I think you are doing so well!! You are such a remarkable woman and I am so blessed to have you as my friend!

Holly said...

Sorry for the BLAH!! Everything has been an adjustment and chock full of changes, and that's hard I know. You are amazingly strong and have handled all of these things with grace.

I'm sure K. will love his new routine, and you will too. It may be a great way to meet some more moms and kids in your area.

Prayer runs sound awesome! Great idea for the time spent--and your track is ideal for serene views--except watch out for the horse trailers! :)

Jody and Janell said...

I have been meaning to comment on your blah day and after today, I decided I really needed to! I had a blah day myself TODAY! It is tough with two kiddos or any at all for that matter. The kids are great but life is just rough sometimes when you realize that EVERYDAY is a SELFLESS day! I TOTALLY understand the running thing. I had planned on training for the White Rock half (to get back in shape) but I just can't find the time (or energy)!
Know that I am thinking of you. We can pray for each other to fight through the BLAH days! I can't believe it........ 1 AND preschool!

Robyn said...

Lacie, I know the blah master too. He visits me some days and wears out his welcome all the way to bedtime.... Then the next day he's usually gone, thank goodness!
Well, even in your blah day, you were an encouragement to me. Thank you. I have often prayed while walking on my treadmill, but my mind trails off and I don't focus on praying for others. Today I took your idea and prayed specifically for each and every one of my friends, their families, and every person in my family. Wow did it make my walking zoom by! My 30min. timer beeped before I was finished praying... so I finished the rest in the shower! Thanks again. Love ya!

Laurie said...

So sorry you were having a bad day. I can't imagine all the emotional stress you must be under with all the life changes. I'm actually looking for an O.T. for Davis right now. Bummer we don't live closer. Good luck with the job search. I'm really proud of you for making the hard decision of not doing the marathon. I'm glad that you are able to do what's best for you right now. Doing a prayer run has got to feel so empowering and fulfilling. I used to do that same sort of thing when the boys were young and we were walking 3 times a day just to get out and calm the kiddos down. It was a time that I found myself looking forward to. I'm sure it will also help you feel closer to your friends and family.