Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Madness

I hope your Halloween has been as fun and CRAZY as ours has. We have tried to do a little bit of everything to enjoy the Fall Halloween Season! The K-Man and Little Bit are at such fun ages for the holidays. This picture is taken by our house with our very own scare crow. The other day the K-Man played scare crow...We acted like we were crows eating corn and K. tried to scare us with his "scary" faces- (all his idea!)

We decided to be brave and go to THE elementary school Harvest festival. Let me just say, I think the WHOLE town was there. I mean, extended families...EVERYBODY! It was packed, but we all had a blast! My adorable husband put his name in a raffle (Maybe 100 times-Ha!) for some hunting things. He is still waiting for the call that he won it! However, the K-Man did win a gold fish on his first try and it now lives in our pond. He has been named Bat.

I also took the boys to the Library for "Monster Library Time". Little Bit wore his shirt that said, "I Love My Mummy!". Yes, he was too cute!

Here is K-Man making a monster face (and growling) while doing rhymes and listening to books about monsters. We all did a monster craft and danced the monster mash...We looked crazy (but so did everyone else!). I also took K-Man back to the library for campfire stories. It was a night just the two of us got to listen to scary stories, eat smores and do a "creepy" craft. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We also found a Pumpkin Farm in our area and decided to give it a try. At the Pumpkin Farm there were fun places to take pictures (a great thing for moms!), a "petting farm", a jump house, a hay maze, a place to feed cows, a pumpkin horse to ride, and a pumpkin patch.

Here Piggy, Piggy...my children want to feed you while I get pecked by a chicken trying to take the picture!

The kids loved feeding the cows. I think the cows could have skipped a couple of meals after we were done!

The K-Mans face while in a jump house...need I say more!

Picking the perfect pumpkin for my perfect boys...Yes, that includes you, my adorable husband! There were so many to choose from but only ONE perfect one for us!

The K-Man loved the hay maze. There were loose rabbits in the maze that scared him at first. However, when he realized that they were harmless the tide turned and he decided that chasing them was more fun then being scared of them!

Run K-Man! Run! I told you he loved it!

Now here is the famous Pumpkin Horse! I wonder if at midnight it will turn back into a ordinary white horse???? Bummer!

Now finally-I have ALWAYS wanted to attempt Carmel apples. Well, I did it AND they were good...

Just Ask the K-Man!!!

We have so many fun things planned for tomorrow, but really ALL of October has been fun. I am not sure who is having more fun, my boys or Me!


Shaka said...

wow! you guys have been busy!!! looks like lots of fun! i saw a thing on food network about caramel apples and i really want to make them! they are soooo yummy!

Shaka said...

oh, i tagged you-again. 7 random things!

Rochelleht said...

Oh my gosh, how cute are YOU!? That all looks so fun! Those are the things that make being a mom so fun! It's a lot of work, but what great fall memories you made! Rock on!

Tip Junkie said...

October really is such a fun month to be a mom. Looks like you guys had a blast and have created so many wonderful memories together.

Heather said...

oh, lace! that looks like so much fun. those carmel apples look YUMMY!

Hope you have a great week. I'll try to call you sometime this week. It has been crazy around here. My neice is in town. We have been painting our toenails and fun stuff like that! HA HA

Love ya!

Whitney said...

Wow- what fun you've been having! The caramel apples look fabulous- that's one of our favorite fall treats as well!