Monday, October 22, 2007

Camp Out 2007

We had picked a date about 8 months ago for a group of us to take our families camping together. This little event became even more important to me after we moved away from these special friends in our lives about 6 months ago. Then to my adorable husband's shock and amazement he and a couple of other guys were picked for a hunting trip in New Mexico hunting Mule Deer... Yes, you guessed it the same weekend as the camp out! Sooo...

My adorable Husband could have been here... (New Mexico)

Hunting THIS... (Mule Deer)

BUT instead he was in Huntsville State Park with family and friends...What a Man! All those hunters out there...I have a REAL MAN!

Now, you are just going to have to bear with all the pictures. Oh, and believe me when I say...These are ONLY a FEW of the wonderful camp out pictures!

It's never too young to start fishing, right Little Bit?!

Rylan, Braden, and Jacob...Three Peas in a Wagon!

Say cheese Boys, Momma's got the camera AGAIN! Poppy the Pop-up was wonderful again on this camping trip. We used the heater one night and the air condition the other. Gotta love Texas weather!

"The girls are back in town!"...The flamingo's strike again! Notice what the T-shirts say, Camping Diva...Yes, that's us-Ha! We had a BLAST together. I was never so happy to see the girls again! We stayed up late talking, wrangled the kids, grunged out together, laughed till we cried, drank coffee and worshiped together. Now really, what sounds better then that?

Family Photo Session!

Nothing more precious then father and son time...ok, mother and son time is up there too.

Ok, I know it wasn't New Mexico, but not bad scenery, huh? We could not have asked for a more PERFECT weekend. The weather was wonderful!

The K-Man and Brice having fun in the tent~

Brice, Kannon, Layton and Ashlyn taking a break from all the FUN!!! I know you won't believe it but the K-Man actually asked to go to bed! They all played so hard!

Here are some of our most prized possessions! Our kids~ We are all working together as a "team" to get these little guys to Heaven (becoming the Christians God calls us to be)and having a BLAST along the way!

Happy Birthday all you October Birthdays... Trey, Braden, Jason, Scott, Cait and Robyn!

Thanks for letting me share a very important part of my life and THANK YOU, adorable husband, for letting our family be your MULE DEER-Ha!


Laurie said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! What a family bonding experience.

maria said...

Can I just tell you how fun and wonderfully refreshing that camping trip was?!!! And it was so great to see y'all again! It was so sweet (and sad) when we got home--Ashlyn told us "Kannon is my friend. I love him, but I lost him". It made me tear up when she said that, but I am so glad that she got to see him again. You can definitely count us in again for any future trips! Love y'all and hope to see you soon!

Rochelleht said...

Oh, how sweet of him to stay for the camping. You are right, that is a real man!! I love it!!! I also love your camping diva shirts! They rock!!! Camping in Texas isn't the same as camping in Idaho (which we do every summer) but I still love it. Such a great bonding opportunity.

Heather said...

I am still smiling.....

It was the perfect weekend full of laughs, smores and catapillars~ ha~ Can't wait to go again! Love ya girl

Oh, thanks Trey! You rock! :)

Michelle said...

It just looks SO beautiful and peaceful out there. How fun! And what a wonderful hubby you have! Not many men would do that.

Shaka said...

good for him! i remember when we lived in idaho all the husbands would go hunting for a week or so! nothing would keep them away! thank goodness my husband wasn't a hunter!