Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today at one of the nursing homes I work for a little 103 year old sweetie fell off her bedside commode trying to get back in her wheelchair. As she waited for nursing to check her out and then help her up she stated, "I have to get up because I will be late for bingo!" All I could think about was I hope she did not break a hip or injure herself in another way...AND she was thinking BINGO! I love working with these seniors! They often have such a fun perspective on life!

Do you feel comfortable around the elderly?
Do you have a fun story about how an elder put perspective in your life?


Laurie said...

She brings optimism to a new level. ;) What a cute story.

BriteCloud said...

That is a cute story!

Once when I took the kids to Luby's by myself there was a very elderly couple in front of us. She looked down at the children and said, "Oh, what beautiful children!" and then she looked up at me and said, "Oh, and you are beautiful, too!" She just stared at all of us for a couple of seconds, taking it all in and then she patted my hand and said, "Do you have a good husband?" I told her that, yes, I did. She squeezed my hand and said, "Oh, good." She was so sweet.

I took the kids out to the car with tears streaming down my face. I told them that it made me miss my Grandmother who had died a year earlier.

That was about 4-5 years ago and I have never forgotten it. I love the elderly, too. Some of the shows the kids watch on Nickelodeon will have an old lady or old man, and they will play tricks on them, or do something that I find disrespectful. I have always been vehement about that with the children. And I point out that no one should disrespect the elderly, even if it is just a silly show.

I know they must love you! You are so sweet. Good thing I'm so much older than you, I may need you someday!! LOL

Kim said...

Precious story and a great perspective on life! I love going to chat with the elderly, especially the older women. THey have such wisdom. I need to start taking the boys to visit all the cute old ladies at church. How old was K when you started?

Holly said...

I enjoy visiting with the elderly--I just don't do it like I should. They have so much to share. I want to take A. along too because it would be such a memory for her and hopefully she would spread some joy to them.

Your sweet 103 lady sounds like quite a character. Glad she didn't hurt herself!!

Layla Frances said...

I love seniors....my grandmother is 82 and full of spunk!!!

I volunteered at a nursing home...and this one lady swore I was her granddaughter..she spoiled me rotten every time I visited! She even tried to give me jewelry....I gave it back, but she insisted. I tried to give it to the nurse, but she said that if she gave it to me, then that was between us. I still have the ring now...it reminds me of her every time I come across it in my jewelry box (It wasnt expensive jewelry, in fact it appears that it came from a gumball maching or a five and dime store.)