Monday, February 4, 2008

The Boys are GREAT!

I haven't posted about the boys in a while so I thought I better give the grandparents what they want...Pictures and updates! The K-man has decided that making "crazy" faces are much more fun for the camera then a "normal" smile. He is still crazy about dinos and animals. He lines up his dinos and small animals on his toy box every morning. Yesturday we all played "The Three little Pigs"- taking turns blowing down the big blocks. He is really having to learn the true concept of sharing now that Little Bit is in all his things! The K-Man is a GREAT big brother. He always hugs Little Bit when he is upset and wants to show him how to do things (like use a spoon).
Speaking of Little Bit...He is a stinker! BUT a cute one! He is still attached to his blanket even to the point of climbing into the dryer to retrieve it! The poor rascal is cutting his back teeth and having a time with it! He is not sleeping well and food is not his friend right now. Don't get me wrong...he still eats a lot, he just wants more "soft" foods. He says words like- Bible, Book, Look, Hot, Cold, and Cracker (I think we are the only ones that know what he is saying...but it's clear to us!) The boys are playing better together. It is nice to have a Small bit of down time when they play. We have been feeding the boys well. The K-Man loves to show you his muscles following eating his meal- saying things like, "greenbeans make you strong...see!"
AND... what the older brother can do SO can the little brother! Here our Little Bit's muscles "like Samson"!

All in all we are doing great...busy, but great! I will try not to wait so long for updates and pictures!

Does your family read your blog?
Do they want family updates?


Robyn said...

your boys are precious!
Yes, I'm sure the fam would like to see more on here even though we are together a lot anyways. It's the little daily things that happen when no one is around that are sometimes the most adorable!

Whitney said...

What cuties!
Yes, my family reads my blog and they get quite impatient when I don't post every few days! They love reading up on how the pregnancy is progressing, and I'm sure it will only get worse once Austin arrives!

Holly said...

Don't let anything come between a boy and his blanket! Braden in the dryer is beyond cute.

K-man is quite ferocious too. In order to get a few normal shots I have to take several of Silly Face A., I guess it's our compromise.

Heather said...

Love the muscles! What sweet boys! I also love K mans silly face. That boy cracks me up.

Miss you and can't wait for 24 days!

silken said...

crazy faces and muscles....and when do these go away??? and the little one in the dryer....well, my big boy tried to crawl in the dryer during a game of hide and seek the other day!!!!

Laurie said...

What adorable boys! My sister is the only family that reads my blog. I wish all the 12 of the Grands would read it. It would get me off the hook for pictures and updates. ha!