Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Review Part 2 (The K-Fish)

One of the BIG events during the summer was K-man's first summer of swimming lessons! He has never been excited about getting his face wet and he strongly dislikes water in his eyes.
With all that said you can now understand how...
this picture makes my heart joyful!
Ohhhhh~ This one too!
We had no idea how swimming lessons would go. On a crazy whim I decided to buy K-man some goggles and now he can't be without them! It made all the difference! There was actually one day we could not find his goggles before swimming lessons--He was devastated and would not even think about putting his face in the water. At home I found them and quickly ran back to the pool to a VERY excited little boy! I am greatful for the invention of goggles...
AND for Mrs. Amy!
Now my K-man is the K-Fish!

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