Thursday, September 25, 2008

"One of Those Days"

Why I should win "Mom of the Day" or " I've Gotta It Together" award today...

1. I let my boys sleep until 15 minutes before they needed to be at school
2. I didn't wash my face this morning...just slung some eye makeup and lipstick on
3. I let my boys have a Pop Tart again today (whole wheat!)
4. I downed 2 cups of coffee- No breakfast
5. I let the K-man wear the shirt he slept in to school (not the schoolish uniform)
6. The boys did not get their teeth brushed (Did I brush my teeth???)
7. The boys did not get their hair combed
8. I left them both tearful at school
9. I grabbed a LARGE fountain drink at the gas station before work (Non-Diet BIG RED!)
AND...10. They are watching TV while I type this.

Don't freak out adorable husband and grandparents! I'm totally sure they will survive the rest of the day...Everyone has "one of those days", right?


Anonymous said...

So, this is what happens when the cat's away???


Love ya Birdie!

Shaka said...

sounds like quite the day! we all have them. i love the days i'm still in pj's in the late afternoon. that's always the day someone knocks on my door.

Kim said...

Bless your heart!!! HAving T at church this morning was the talk of the town, but I know you are anxious to have him back. MIss you!!
AND - I finished book 2 tonight! Oh the saga of the Ebersol girls!!

Holly said...

I say thank goodness for whole wheat pop-tarts! And giganto buckets of caffeine (for the grown-ups). :)

Love ya!!

Daesha said...

I think every mom has days like that. You're just brave enough to blog about it. Thanks for the smile!

Lynn said...

It's ok to be normal sweetie. Really it is.