Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pre-K Blues

I'm a bit sad this morning...I dropped the K-man off at Pre-K with him in tears. It's so hard because he's the sensitive one of the bunch. He only goes three days a week and for him it can be such a big deal. I keep telling myself that this is good for him because it will make his Kindergarten year much easier on him, but YUCK- it doesn't feel good for either one of us now! He's happy when we pick him up, but getting him there can be a bit of a challenge. Hang in there K-Man.

Any advice for this first round mother?


Rochelleht said...

Um, well, all my kids have been happy to leave me, so maybe my advice to you would be to be meaner at home... :-)

Lynn said...

I know only too well! I had a sweet little girl named, Heather. You might know her. PRE-K just wasn't for her. We had terrible separation anxiety. She cried before and then was ok the rest of the day like Little Bit. But, she started in on me ( and her grandparents ) the minute school was out. PLEASE don't make me go back. Tears at bedtime. The whole works. I was a wreck. She really was afraid of her loud and energetic male teacher. I am not sure why but.....her Poppi was all like , "Take her out TODAY...she is too little and she'll be in school for along time anyway." Long story short. We changed to a sweet quiet older teacher and she was happy as she could be. SHE LOVED SCHOOL and Mrs. Schlortt. Still to this day they love to see each other. He'll be fine! Maybe he just needs to get more familiar with other's differences. Trust me, he'll make it and before you know it, he'll be heading off to A&M and won't even won't you to help him. SNIFF.

Heather said...

Girl, I know how you feel. Reid cried when he was that age. It did help that he had Ms. Olivia and Ms. Jeanne but hate to see them crying. Both our boys have tender hearts! :) I promise it will get better and he will get more comfortable. You are doing a great job!

And yes, I cried too....My first teacher scared the pants off me. I remember!