Sunday, November 2, 2008

What do you get...

What do you get...when you have a frog with a fly-swatter and a paleontologist??
More fun then one could handle, of course!
Yes, you read it right...The K-man was a paleontologist for Halloween!
We started the question of "what do you want to be for Halloween?" in the summer, because we knew it might be a tough year. Why you ask? Because we wanted K. to try to think of something OTHER then a DINOSAUR. He has been a dino two years in a row and we just wanted him to branch out a bit...

Well, he branched out JUST A BIT-ha!
He came up with it on his own about 4 weeks before Halloween. I loved the idea and had to think outside the box to come up with a costume (right down to the excavation brush on his tool belt and the dino bone in his hand). He was asked a couple of times if he was Indiana Jones to which he looked confused and confidently announced he was a "PALEONTOLOGIST!" (the cutest one ever I might add!)

Now, Little Bit is CRAZY about "hoppys" (example...his birthday party...). One day I was pulling out some clothes from the back of the closet and saw the K-man's two year old Halloween costume. Not thinking really too much I pulled it out and Little Bit went wild with laughter! When I put it on him he ran from mirror to mirror just laughing and shouting "hoppy funny!" WooHoo, there was his Halloween costume! After begging, bribing and finally pulling it the costume off I had to hide it until Halloween because he kept wanting it back on!

I just added the flies to a fly swatter and TaDa...Trick or Treat!
I have to add this little froggy costume will forever be in our home because both of my adorable boys have now worn it and their sweet smells and sweet little faces are engraved on this Momma's heart!

This year we again participated in the hayride and trick or treating festivities in our neighborhood. We are so blessed!
Here are some action shots along with our porch decorated for the special night!


Rochelleht said...

Such FUN!!

The boys were adorable. We have the frog costume at our house. It's been worn twice, as well.

I passed out pirate booty last year. Apparently, it was a hit. ;-)

Holly said...

Love K-man's creativity! What a neat idea--and still related to dinosaurs in a way. B. looks adorable as a frog AKA hoppy.

The hay ride looks like so much fun.

Did you make your trick or treat banner? Very cute.

Hugs & love!

silken said...

oohh, I LOVE it, and extra cool that he came up w/ it himself!!

Heather said...

They are the cutest EVER!! I love K-mans idea. Your boys are so sweet! BTW, your house looks awesome.

I miss youuuuuuuuuuu

Tomilyn said...

They are too cute. Great costume for the K-man. I had problems getting Kaden out of his fireman costume as well. It must be something about two year olds!

Andrea said...

They both look adorable! Great job!

BTW - did you realize you used your son's name in the post? I don't think I have seen you use their actual names before so I thought I would let you know just in case you are trying not to post their names....