Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Family at Christmas

Get a Yummy cup of coffee and spend some time with our family.
We have been very busy shopping, making crafts,eating sweets, and just enjoying every moment of this holiday season...

Welcome to our home...

I won't make you look and all 6 Christmas trees in our house.
They are all decorated by themes:

We have worn our Santa Hats everywhere!

Our countdown to Christmas! can have too much CANDY!

We have used our Christmas Pillowcases every night!

The K-Man found this precious Cowboy Santa material. It looks so cute in their western room.
I don't know how I will get them off their pillows once Christmas is over!
The boys loved decorating the tree...

we had to work on it in shifts because the excitement was too overwhelming!!!

Once again, my adorable husband came through with the outdoor decorations!

Thanks Daddy!

We have been reading Christmas book like crazy.
Our favorites this year:
The Dinosaurs' Night Before Christmas by Ann Muecke
There was an Old Lady that Swallowed a Bell by Lucille Colandro
The Twelve DOgs of Christmas by Emma Kragen
How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
The Night Before Christmas byClement C. Moore
Merry Christmas, Curious George by Margret and H.A. Rey
What's Christmas without some Caroling!!!
These are some of the sweet boys in the K-man class at church.
We filled bags with cookies...

signed Christmas cards...

Then about 30-40 of us headed to 3 nursing homes in the area and caroled our little hearts out!
We gave out cookies, cards, and lots of hugs!!
The True Meaning Of Christmas!!!
What is Christmas without Rudolph????

Last year we saw the play Frosty.
This year we experienced the fun of Rudolph!

I love taking the boys to plays for children. The excitement in the theater is so fun!
I have never seen so many antlers in one place-Ha!Santa was of course there and we were able to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas this year.
I should have posted the picture-oops!
Letters to Santa have been mailed.
The K-Man would like:
A race track
A Transformer
A Power Ranger
Hot wheels
What is happening to my little boy...he is turning into a big boy and wanting big boy toys!

Little Bit would like:
Orange Toys
Blue Toys
I think Santa will be able to knock out his list!
Along with fudge, sausage balls, trash, cranberry trash, candy covered pretzels and crackers,etc.
We also spent some time together making sugar cookies!

Two boys in camo with a load of flour...

We have lots of love made into those cookies!

Then came the decorating!

Without a doubt this was Little Bit's favorite part!

Santa will have a wonderful treat this year!

The K-man got in on the action of mailing out Christmas cards this year!

Whew! First Batch!

OHHHH...My Adorable Boy's last Christmas Program in Pre-K!

Sing my sweet Angel!
We have been making wonderful memories this year!
I hope you are taking the chance to savor every minute with your family too!


Lynn said...

I could sure use a cup of coffee and some of those delicious cookies. You guys have been having way too much fun! But, isn't it wonderful? I am excited too, for everyone to get here. Tell the boys I think Santa stops at your house first before he comes to see Reid and Macy at Neena's. So, you guys give us a warning when you hear those sleigh bells!

Kim said...

What wonderful Christmas happenings at your house! Jason used to go see plays at Casa Manana when he was little. The cookie decorating looks like a fabulus gooey mess of fun! You were brave to do icing..we just did sprinkles and colored year! hahaha Miss you lots! :)

Holly said...

Squeal! I love all of it! Especially the yummy baking and sweet letters to Santa.

silken said...

oh what fun...!!! I wish you all could have seen my daughter in her play. she did such a great job! I love the pict of the boys from the back in their pj's in front of the tree

Janell said...

What a wonderful post! Merry Christams to you and your sweet family.

Daesha said...

I love, love, love, that your sweet husband took pictures of YOU with your boys. Everything looks just perfect, like traditions are being made. What a blessing for those boys (and for you!).