Monday, January 26, 2009

Ch*na Fun!

Just in case it slipped your mind today is the Ch*nese New Year!
I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate and fun ways to teach the boys about this amazing world around us. With that said, today we are learning a bit about Ch*na. We have made fun dragon masks...
I have made a special fortune cookie out of paper and written a special fortune for everybody to read tonight at supper. I just love these take-out boxes!

The table has been set in red with things I already had and a little added punch with the chop sticks and take out boxes.

We made lanterns and hungthem on the chandler.
The boys enjoyed this activity
(anything they can use their scissors with is a plus for them)...very simple!

The K-man and Little Bit both added some special touches to the table...


AND for the real fun...supper tonight on our festive table!
It is not fancy, but easy!
More take-out boxes seal the deal for tonight~

I have also printed some fun facts about Ch*na we will talk about tonight along with a couple of games (example: guess what animal month you were born on by characteristics of the animal). I have borrowed a ball globe (none breakable) for the boys to get an idea of where Ch*na is in relation to us.

I love learning stuff with the boys and watching their eyes get big with excitement as light bulbs go off in their heads! It doesn't take anything to make a big impression. An $11 meal with $5 spent on decor for the table (an using things you already have) you can make a night a learning adventure!

It's still early in the day so check out this site and have some simple fun tonight~


Michelle said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! You're such a cool mom. We don't really have anything fun planned. I am making an easy chinese meal (from Costco, love that store), but nothing else. I would go out and get some way fun stuff but I'm home with my oldest who has strep. YUCK!!

Whitney said...

I really can't get over how creative you are- it's amazing! What a lot of fun yall are going to have tonight! Thanks for all of the ideas!

silken said...

we missed our celebration this year, but did hand out the red packets to the kids and wear our Chinese clothes to church. we love celebrating the fun traditions of our Chinese friends.

btw, why did you put a * in each time instead of spelling out China??